Since yesterday our respected members were messaging PSF on all our platforms to confirm or reject the News published by “World Defense” about the delivery of Shenyang J-15 & Chengdu J-10c to Pakistan Air Force.

After checking with all our sources PSF can confirm that this news is completely “Fake”. PAF never placed any order for Shenyang J-15 & Chengdu J-10c. Hence no such delivery took place.

Shenyang J-15 is Chinese variant of Russian Su-33 & is a “Aircraft Carrier based fighter aircraft” since Pakistan does not have any Aircraft Carrier hence we don’t need J-15 moreover Pakistan doesn’t need Aircraft Carrier since it’s a liability in Pakistan’s environment. Moreover, China can’t export Shenyang J-15 to any country without Russian permission. Since Russia manufactures Su-33 there is almost no possibility that they will give permission to China to export Shenyang J-15.

Now let’s see Chengdu J-10 case. Well Pakistan evaluated J-10A/B in early 2000s but after extensive Tests & Trials Pakistan rejected A/B variants of J-10.

Now come to J-10C well it’s a completely new bird as compared to early A/B variants. Some sources suggested that PAF is interested in J-10c but final decision will be taken after extensive tests & trails. As of now no such order has been placed hence no deliveries can take place.

As of now PAF is focused on JF-17 Thunder Block-3 & Block Bravo meanwhile simultaneously working on “Project Azam”.


“Delivery News of Shenyang J-15 & Chengdu J-10c is FAKE”.




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