Babur Cruise Missile is the first land attack cruise missile to be developed by Pakistan which has the ability to carry conventional and nuclear warheads .It is medium ranged subsonic cruise missile launched from ground-based transporter erector Launcher and submarines , meanwhile variants of the same missile are launched from Warships ( the anti-ship / land Harbah cruise missile.


It can carry either conventional or warheads and hitting its target with high precision. The cruise missile over the years has high degree of maneuverability and have the ability of precise terrain hugging by using a combination of INS, TERCOM/DSMAC, GPS and GLONASS that helps the missile to avoid enemy radar detection by utilizing ”terrain masking” giving it the “stealth capability” to penetrate enemy air defense systems undetected and survive until reaching the target.


Pakistan’s Babur is made with tubular, with a pair of folded wings attached to the middle section and the empennage at the rear along with the propulsion system. Propelled by either turbofan or turbojet jet engine. The Babur’s guidance system uses a combination of inertial navigation systems (INS), terrain contour matching (TERCOM) DSMAC/ GLONASS navigational satellite systems and GPS satellite guidance. The guidance system reportedly gives the missile pinpoint accuracy and ability to hug the terrain (Hence avoiding radar detection).

Specifications Babur Cruise Missile

Type: Medium-range subsonic cruise missile

Place of Origin: Pakistan

Weight: 1,500 kg

Warhead: 450 – 500 kg Conventional or nuclear

Operational Range

Babur–I: 700 km

Babur–II: 750 km

Babur–III: 450 km

Speed: 880 km/h (Mach 0.8)


Launch Platform: Transporter erector launcher (TEL) and Underwater mobile platform

Launch Modes

1: Transporter erector launcher (Babur 1 and 2)

2: Underwater mobile platform (Babur 3)

3: Submarine based (Babur 3, under development)

4: Warship Platform (Harbah)




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