Thursday, September 29, 2022

About Us

Pakistan Strategic Forum 🇵🇰 strives to offer authentic, reliable, and in-depth insight into Global News, International Events and their implications on Pakistan. PSF is obliged to tackle head-on issues that our beloved country "Pakistan" is facing. PSF aims to show you the reality hidden behind the veil of disinformation and nuanced propaganda, to inform, educate, and guide both the public and policymakers so that we can play our part in the betterment of Pakistan. For all of this, we have a Team of Experts from an array of fields. Every post (News, Analysis, Article) is not just random posts but are experts' opinions and we take full responsibility for it that's why now Team PSF is proudly reveling Qualifications of our Admin Panel. Admins at PSF are from the following fields 1. Defence & Strategic Studies (DSS). 2. International Relations & Foreign Affairs. 3. Geo-Political & Defense Analysts. 4. Small Arms & Light Weapons Analysts. 5. Experts in Aviation (Avionics & Aerodynamics). 6. Experts in Missiles, Air Defense Systems & Military Equipments. 7. Media & News Analyst. 8. Engineers (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Telecommunication, Chemical, Computer & CS etc) 9. Business & Economics (BBA, MBA, Engineering Management, Supply Chain, etc). 10. Doctors & Psychologists. From Conventional Warfare to Hybrid Warfare (Bio-Media-Cyber-Diplomacy) We are Ready Alhamdulillah