Team PSF after Research & Analysis can confirm it’s Respected Members that “NO!!! JH-7 is not what PAF needs for Deep Strike (Land & Sea). Moreover “Contract for 100 JH-7s for PAF or PN” is completely “Fake/Bogus”.

PSF will Provide Various Reasons why PAF doesn’t needs JH-7 for Deep Strike

1. In today’s World Deep Penetration (Deep Stirke) (Land & Sea) can be achieved through various types of Stand Off Munitions. (H-4 or Takbeer bombs used by PAF to Stirke Indian Military Targets during Operation Swift Retort 2019).

2. A strike aircraft operating in contested airspace (In Pakistan’s Case “India”) has to be recovered. (which means it needs cover or back up from Multirole Aircrafts)

3. A Stand Off Weapon (SOW) can be released from safe distance & does not need to be recovered. (Strike Aircraft needs recovery).

4. SOW is a small target(Hard to detect or Intercept by Air Defense), thus making their Mid-Course Interception next to impossible. (PAF’s Operation Swift Retort proves this Point).

5. SOW matches the Operational Range of Strike Aircraft – i.e. 500-600 Km for Raad-II. (A newer Version of RA’AD is also under development Ranges 900 Km).

6. SOWs are autonomous thus they do not require man in the loop, thus no casualties & no political fallout like India had to faced when PAF Shot Down IAF’s Mig-21 Bison & Captured Wing Commander Abhinandan.

7. SOW is much cheaper (Cost) than the Air Defense System) (Like S-400)required to intercept it, thus making it economically viable. Moreover Strike Aircraft are expensive. ( Procurement & Operational Cost). In JH-7 case its dual engine.

8. PAF Mirages are in excellent condition thanks to PAC Kamra & don’t require any sort of immediate replacement. Moreover sources suggest that Egyptian Horus (Mirage-Vs) are also coming to complement PAF’s current Mirage Fleet.

9. PAF’s JF-17 Thunders will be integrated with RA’AD in near future thus increasing PAF’s Deep Stirke Capability. For Sea Thunder uses C-802A & CM-400AKG which is Nightmare for Indian Navy.

10. PAF & PN have excellent synergy & conduct exercises frequently.

Important Note: “PAF is looking for Proper 4.5 or 4.5+ Generation Aircraft but it has to be single engine & cost effective“.




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