Turkey’s HAVA-SOJ (Stand Off Jammer) & Pakistan Air Force

Turkey's HAVA-SOJ (Stand Off Jammer) & Pakistan Air Force
Turkey's HAVA-SOJ (Stand Off Jammer) & Pakistan Air Force

HAVA-SOJ (Stand Off Jammer) is dedicated Electronic Warfare (EW) special mission aircraft: “An Aircraft to Complement PAF’s Current Fleet of DA-20 Falcon“.

HAVA SOJ is dedicated EW project to be integrated on business class Bombardier Challenger 6000 Jet, to execute EW missions at Stand off (Safe) distance.

The project is initiated by SSB (Turkish Defense Industry) & awarded for joint venture between Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) and Aselsan.

Primary role of HAVA SOJ project is to detect & locate enemy’s electro magnetic emitters such as radars, surveillance, communication & Air Defense Systems to deceive, jam & blind them. This dedicated EW & SEAD special aircraft will use very powerful Jammers and Electronic Support Measure (ESM) as it’s designed to be performing job at long distances to defeat modern day BVRAAMs and jam resistant AESA Radars.

Modern BVRAAMs are deadly because they work more passively & very quickly giving no or less time to react. Two-way Data-link, Terminal Phase AESA seekers & home-on-Jam like passive guidance BVRAAMS are too much tricky to tackle.

AESA radars which in contrast to conventional radars rapidly changes it’s operating frequency & each T/R module act as individual EM radiator. In order to jam such complex & jam resistant radars, it’s very crucial to have strong and powerful jammers & techniques to overcome all of this resistance.

Business class Bombardier challenger 6000 are modified to carry all systems on board. Canoe fairing beneath fuselage will carry transmit antenna to carry out jamming & upside dome carries communication equipment. ESM Pods are mounted on wing-tips while equipment to be carried in tail-boom is not yet disclosed.

First of HAVA SOJ configured aircraft is scheduled to be delivered to TUAF (Turkish Air Force) by 2023 and all four deliveries are to be completed by 2025. Project indeed is very tough to execute, since modern day Radars and EM equipment are very robust and jam resistant.

HAVA SOJ & It’s Possible Induction in PAF

HAVA SOJ can turn out to be very ideal platform to complement PAF’s current fleet of Falcon DA-20s due to warm relations between Pakistan & Turkey. Moreover the quality of Turkish defense products/equipment is excellent & of International/NATO Standards.




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