Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard in Shanghai, China launched the third Type-054AP Guided Missile & Air Defense Frigate for the Pakistan Navy. Currently the situation for Type 054AP is Warship No. 1 has completed sea trials and will be delivered to Karachi for commissioning this month. Warship No. 2 has also almost completed sea trials. Warship No. 3 was launched yesterday, and Warship No. 4 is in last stages of construction.

The Type 054Ps are state-of-the-art major surface combatant warships, the most modern frigates ever developed by China and are designed for intense Anti-Air, Anti-Surface, and Anti-Submarine operations in the high seas. The over 4,000 tonne, 440 feet long warships will be armed with a 32-cell Vertical Launch System (VLS), equipped with the HHQ-16 SAM with a range of over 45 kilometers and the Yu-8 Anti-Submarine Missile armed with a Yu-11 torpedo with a range of 50 kilometers, 2×4 ASCM launchers armed with the CM-302 supersonic anti-ship cruise missile with a range of 280-320 kilometers and a speed of Mach 3-4, a PJ-26 76 mm main naval gun with a maximum rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute, 2×3 Anti-Submarine Torpedo launchers for the Yu-11 torpedo with a maximum depth and range of 600 meters and over 20 kilometers respectively with a speed of over 50 knots, 2×6 Type 87 Anti-Submarine rocket launchers, two Type 726-4 18-tube decoy rocket launchers and two Type 1130 CIWS with a maximum rate of 11,000 rounds per minute with an interception probability of 96% against high supersonic missiles.

The Pakistan Navy Type-054APs might get delivered with advanced Z-9D Maritime ASW/ASuW helicopters.

Avionics include an SR2410C 3D multifunction ESA (electronically scanned array) radar on top of the main superstructure and the Type 517 (SUR17B) long-range air search radar on top of the helicopter hangar.

The Type-054APs also feature a state-of-the-art combat management system capable of integrated naval battlegroup formation operations with the rest of the Pakistani naval fleet. Avionics include a VLO AI Radar, a 3D AESA radar, SATCOM, Link Green, sensors and advanced Electronic Warfare, ECM, and ESM modules.




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