Important Note: “Article will prove that PAF’s F-16 Fighting Falcon shot down IAF’s Su-30MKI on 27th February 2019 using AMRAAM AIM-120C”.

China-India Stand-Off (2020) proved that Indian Armed Forces are not ready for any sort of war. Since China captured Pangong TSO Lake, 60-70 Sq. km of Ladakh & some parts of Arunachal Pradesh without firing a single bullet but they did immense damage to 16 Bihar Battalion of Bihar Regiment of Indian Army (20 killed, 50 plus captured others wounded by PLA).

In order to defuse the situation India wanted Russia to intervene. Since there is no free lunch in the World. India placed an order of 12 Su-30MKIs & 21 Mig-29s.

As per Indian sources this order of 12 Su-30MKIs is to replace the crashed airframes but official IAF data shows that only 11 Su-30MKIs (bharat-rakshak) had been crashed since its induction in 2002 (Russian made, HAL manufactured were inducted in 2004).

So why IAF ordered the 12th Su-30MKI well the answer is, PAF’s F-16 shot down IAF’s Su-30MKI on 27th February 2019. The 12th Su-30MKI is ordered to replace the shot down airframe by PAF. Moreover, IAF officials showed AMRAAM wreckage in a press conference (picture attached) which further solidifies PAF’s claim. PAF’s radar imagery further proves that Sukhoi was shot down by PAF’s F-16 Fighting Falcon. The search & rescue mission by Mi-17 helicopter of IAF in IOJK is another proof that Su-30MKI was shot down. Well the IAF air defense shot down that Mi-17 helicopter killing 6 officials onboard.

Moreover 21 Mig-29s are ordered under IAF’s Mig-29 upgradation program.

As per “Indian Media” these new fast track procurements are for possible war with China well hats off to “Indian Military” war preparations. It’s like studying the night before exam.

Important Note (2): ” Russia will just defuse the situation & China won’t be going back from positions it has captured from India. Russia supports China led “Asia Strategy” & India supports US led “Indo-Pacific Strategy” (Contain China strategy). That’s the main reason Russia won’t camp with India”.




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