Note: This article pays homage to Deputy Director Naveed Sadiq & Inspector Nasir Abbas Shaheed.


Hotel Parking Shooting Pirowal Khanewal (Punjab)

List of Shaheeds

  • Deputy Director Naveed Sadiq Shaheed.
  • Inspector Nasir Abbas Shaheed.

Another senior security officer went down in the line of duty. Premier intelligence service of Pakistan serves as the first and last line of defense for our motherland.

According to reports, unidentified suspect arrived at a roadside hotel namely Bismillah Hotel Pirowal Khanewal district half an hour later two officers arrived at the hotel as well. The officers were Naveed Sadiq Sial and inspector Nasir Abbas. They had arrived in different vehicles. Officers offered lunch to the suspect, who refused and instead opted for tea with them. Before leaving, Naveed reportedly cleared the bill.

The officers and the suspected terrorist left the hotel and went to the parking area. The assailant’s bike was also parked in front of the deceased victims’ vehicles. As the officers were just about to drive away in their vehicles, the assailant opened fire, leaving both officers dead on the spot, and fled with his weapon in hand. Gunshots created panic and fear among the nearby people. Reportedly, he wore a shawl concealing his weapon and fled with that weapon in hand. Soon after, police reached the scene and cordoned off the crime scene. The Additional IG south Punjab Sahibzada Shahzad Sultan also arrived at the crime scene and said that investigators would determine who committed this crime and apprehend them as soon as possible.

The director Naveed Sadiq was a highly decorated officer, he was awarded Sitara e Shujaat in August 2020 for his role in an operation leading to the elimination a high-ranking leader of Da’esh in Faisalabad and other anti-terrorism operations. He became the first intelligence officer to be awarded the Sitara Shujaat, the second-highest civilian award for gallantry in Pakistan.

The funeral prayers of the martyred officers were held on 4th January 2023, DG ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum was also present in the funeral prayer.

DG ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum
DG ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum
DG ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum
DG ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum




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