Pakistan navy recently inducted leading ship Tughril-class frigate (Type-054AP) into its fleet with three more to be inducted of same class next year. Pakistan navy is looking to procure a small number of Z-9D for its newly inducted Tughril-class frigates for Anti-surface warfare as well as Anti-submarine warfare. Pakistan navy already uses Z-9CE onboard it’s Zulfiqar class frigates (Type-053H3).

Modifications in Z-9D over Z-9C:  Z-9D is based on Z-9C for improved Anti-surface warfare and Anti-submarine warfare, below are some of improved subsystems onboard Z-9D than its predecessor Z-9C.

Improved Surface search radar (KLC-3B): Z-9D are equipped with more advanced and latest surface search radar KLC-3B than Z-9C which uses KLC-1 search radar. KLC-3B is an improved X-band airborne search radar which can search up to 180km for warships targets with a displacement of 3000Tons and can search smaller boats like small missile boats and speed boats at distance of 80-100 km.

It can also share target coordination with surface ship so the later can launch CM-302 AShM for over the horizon attack.

RWR and IFF antennas: Z-9D have Radar warning receiver antennas on both side of nose and tail rotor to warn the helicopter of any threatening radar signals from enemy Fire control radar.

Z-9D also have IFF antennas for identification of friend and foe. Z-9C lacked these subsystems but the Z-9EC for Pakistan navy were upgraded and have both RWR and IFF antennas.

New dipping sonar and Sonobuoys: Z-9D are equipped with a more advanced dipping sonar for improved ASW with 12 passive and 4 active Sonobuoys while Z-9C is equipped with older Type-605 dipping sonar. Older Z-9C lacks Sonobuoys and MAD so it will need another Z-9C to provide target coordinates before releasing the torpedo.

Z-9EC for Pakistan navy earlier procured had both active and passive Sonobuoys which is improved export version of Z-9C for Pakistan navy.

Better weapons package (torpedoes and AShM): Z-9D can carry up to two new YU-11K ASW torpedoes under its wings and up to 4 YJ-9 AShM under its pair of wings.

YJ-9 is active radar guided 100kg AShM with 30Kg warhead and can hit its target at range of 15Km with a cruising speed of Mach 0.85.

CM-501GA AShM: Pakistan navy has selected CM-501GA anti-ship missile for its Z-9EC/D.

CM-501GA anti-ship missile
CM-501GA anti-ship missile

CM-501GA adopts TV/Infrared imaging along end-guided guidance and assisted by global satellite navigation system for cruise guidance.

CM-501GA has 100kg combat weight with 20kg warhead and can hit rate of 90% at range of 5-50kms.




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