PL-15 is state of the art new and most lethal Air to Air Missile in Chinese Air Force inventory. PL-15 is very long range approx. 200-250 KM active radar guided missile powered by dual pulse solid fueled motor. According to information came to public PL-15 house high Anti-jamming suit, Anti-interference data link which makes it par to current missiles in inventory with highest “no escape zone”. Unfortunately (usually Chinese origin weapons) there are no further technical details on this Chinese beast.

The lethality and importance can be figured out from the comment of US Air force Combat command head Gen Herbert j. Carlisle warned of PL-15 longer range. This proves PL-15 is very efficient induction in Chinese inventory. It is clear from its size when it was seen making one-fourth to that of Chinese flanker. Also, when seen on J-11B Chinese analyst also stated that PL-15 is quite a mature platform.

Sometime it’s considered that PL-15 has range of 300-400 KM to hit strategic targets like AWACs , Refuellers , & Bombers etc. but that’s doesn’t make sense as PL-21 will have that special role and is mistaken mostly with PL-15.

JF-17 Thunder’s integration with PL-15

After 27th February skirmishes it was circulating on media that PAF is equipping JF-17 thunder because SD-10 and Aim-120 performance was not satisfactory, that is totally wrong. PAF very efficiently capable of using Aim-120 and SD-10 BVRs and have used them, which costed to Neighbors a Mig-21 and Su-30MKI, speaks of its performance.

But the integration of PL-15 on JF-17 block 3 is confirmed, as Recently ACM Mujahid Anwar confirmed that answer to Rafale would be assured.




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