The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency is a law enforcement service and the one of the six uniform service branch of the Paramilitary command of Pakistan that is operationally tasked with conducting the maritime, military, multi mission service unique among the military branches having the maritime law enforcement mission (with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters).

Although the PMCA operates under the Ministry of Defense (MoD) during peacetime, but it can be transferred to Pakistan Navy by the governmental orders during the times of war.


*Maritime homeland security.

*National maritime law enforcement.

*International maritime law enforcement.

*Search and rescue.

*Marine environmental protection.

*Maintenance of aids to navigation.

*Provide assistance to governmental agencies.

*Provide assistance to international organizations.

*Provide assistance to Pakistan Navy.

*Protect fishing vessels and crews.

*Perform military operations to

1: Protect the economic interests of Pakistan
2: Protect maritime interests of Pakistan

*Coordinate the oceanographic research and other scientific activities of the Navy Hydro-graphic department

PMSA fleet

Type 056 Class

Type: Corvette

Total: 5

Country of origin China

Hingol Class MPV

Type: Maritime patrol vessel

Total: 2

Country of origin: China

Basol Class MPV

Type: 600 Ton maritime patrol vessel

Total: 2

Country of origin: China

PMSA Dasht

Type: 1500 Ton maritime patrol vessel

Total: 1

Country of origin: China

Island Class

Type: Patrol vessel

Total: 2

Country of origin: USA

Defender class

Type: Fast response boat

Total: 9

Country of origin: USA

GRP Utility Boats

Type: Inflatable fast response boats

Total: unknown

Country of origin: Pakistan

Britten-Norman Defender

Type: Multi role utility transport aircraft

Total: 3

Country of origin: UK

Fokker F27

Type: Maritime patrol

Total: 1 “As of February 2020 it is believed that Fokker F-27 have been retired from active service”.

Country of origin: Netherlands




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