Note: This article features MAK One software by MAK Technologies for Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Pakistan Air Force has chosen MAK Technologies to provide MAK ONE software for Composite Simulation Centre’s Synthetic Battlefield Environment. MAK ONE suite of simulation software, including VR-Forces, has been selected for use in PAF’s simulators for tactical training. VR Forces will provide the Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) platform to generate Air, Land, Surface, and Sub-surface forces in PAF’s Project Vision’s large-scale synthetic battlefield environment, as part of its Composite Simulation Centre. The Operations Research, Modelling and Simulations Department of Project Vision is responsible for the development of virtual and constructive simulators including simulators for PAF fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, radars, AEW&C systems, Command & Control systems, ISR, Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), and ATC systems. These simulators are fully interoperable over DIS protocol. MAK ONE’s modular, open-systems architecture also allows flexibility in system design that will enable PAF to build on top of the MAK software to meet future or evolving requirements.

Author: Defence Insider



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