Pakistan Air Force JF-17A Thunder armed with x4 Hafr Runway Penetration Bombs (RPBs).

The Hafr RPB has been indigenously developed and is produced by the Air Weapons Complex.

Anti-runway penetration bombs are weapons designed to disrupt the surface of an airfield runway and make it unusable for flight operations.

The weapon is similar in operation to the Matra Durandal, which creates two separate explosions which displace the concrete slabs of a runway, thus making it much more difficult to repair than normal anti runway weapons. The munition falls onto a runway via parachute after release. When the bomb has reached a certain angle due to the parachute’s drag, it fires a rocket booster that accelerates it into the runway surface. The primary charge explodes after the weapon has penetrated the concrete and drives the secondary charge even deeper. The secondary charge then explodes after a one-second delay. It also has a programmable fuse that can delay the secondary detonation up to several hours.




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