In 2017 Pakistan’s Ministry Of Defense Production (MODP) signed deal with Dutch contractor (Damen shipyards) for two Offshore vessels (OPV).

Custom Design

Original contract was for two-1900 tons OPV but later PN and Damen upgraded the contract into 2300-tons ship and redesigned as “Corvette”. After designation as Corvette PN would use it for wartime. According to Damen shipyard Group Yarmook-Class is an OPV; built to commercial standards for lower cost.

Specified Military Requirements

PN got custom design on Damen’s OPV but added elements from Damen SIGMA-line Corvettes and Frigates. Yarmook-Class has an uncanny resemblance with OPV 2400.


Naval warfare is very composite activity, each ship is formed to have Three-dimensional warfare capabilities. Yarmook-Class will be equipped with a remote weapon station for Cannon most likely ASELAN STAMP.


It will have two quad-cell Launchers (2×4) for anti-ship missiles (AShM). Most likely C-802A or Harbah(Quad Launcher in case of C-802A, 2xTriple Launcher in case of Harbah).


It is fitted with CIWS to engage low flying threats but will depend on MILGEM Class and Type-054A/P for Long range High flying engagement, the data will be share through Naval information exchange system (NIXL)  integrated in naval command.


Yarmook-Class corvette has capacity for two additional mission modules which contain

Side Scan Sonar: Used for under water exploration and imagery of under seabed, can search up to 30Km area quickly.

Torpedo Launchers:  Torpedoes can be deployed in containers for ASW role.

Accompanying Helicopters: Yarmook-Class corvette will have flight deck for a Helicopter equipped with sensors and weapons for role of anti-submarine warfare.


Surveillance radar, most probably ASELSAN SMART-S MK2 will be deployed on Yarmook-Class corvette. It is an AESA radar offering an instrumented range of 250Km. The radar can detect up to 500 airborne and surface targets. Themis radar can track missiles at 50km and maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) at 200km. This radar will direct the Anti surface and Anti air weapons deployed on Yarmook-Class corvette.

Electronic support Measures

Most likely PN have selected ASELSAN ARES-2NC ESM for Yarmook-Class corvette and MILGEM-class Frigates. This ESM will allow ship to passively monitor as well as categorize and record enemy radar and communication signals. In turn ship will add the signals to threat library in which Electronic attack (EA) assets can use to jam enemy emitters. ESM is also equipped with Radar warning receiver (RWR) so it will alert the crew about enemy radar targeting against the ship.


Yarmook-Class corvette will cost around USD 55-60 million-per-ship range. As it is a commercial design and the subsystem will be installed by Pakistan Navy according to their choice and needs. Yarmook-Class will reach closely to USD 75-90 million dollars per unit ship.


The first of this class Yarmook was delivered in February 2020 and the second ship Tabook will be received in last months of 2020. As PN opted to fit these ships with their choice of subsystems and weapons these ships will not be operational before 2021.




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