Name: Sabih Abrar.

Rank: Captain.

Unit: 20th Baloch Regiment.

Year of Commission: 2015.

Hometown: Kahuta Panyali (Punjab).

Date of Shahadat (Martyrdom): 20 June 2020.

Place of Shahadat: Shaktu Algad (North Waziristan).

Watan Baqi Rahe Ye Zindagi To Ani Jani Hai….

Bas Yehi Allah Ke Sheroo Ke Tarz E Zindagani Hai!

Freedom is not free; someone must pay the price. Freedom price can be paid by blood of young men, serving for our peace. This price was paid by Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed who embraced shahadat on 20th June 2020. On this day Pakistani army was following a lead of an informant for an IBO.

Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed got information from one of his informants that most wanted TTP commanders are having meeting at a compound. Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed without wasting any time asked for go ahead from 2IC, which he rejected as it was not safe. Then Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed contacted CO although was on leave. He gave permission to go for operation.

Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed assembled team of 2 JCOs including Sepoy Naveed Akhtar Shadeed with him and went out for operation with very limited ammunition in civil dress. On arrival Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed spotted 2 of the wanted TTP commanders name as “Talwar and Gohar”. He wirelessed to his senior officer (Major); I must most wanted commanders in front of me what should I do? He asked him to wait, he is coming with backup. Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed knew waiting is not an option right now they will miss this chance of hell bounding these commanders. He replied “Sir main wait nai kr sakta ap party ly k phochien aur cobra ko bula lien main aghy bhar rha houn”

As Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed proceeded with the mission he killed both the commander with headshot and wirelessed back with his final words “Sir dono mary gai hain humien gher liya giya ha ap jaldi krien Pakistan Zindabad”. They were surrounded by unknown number of men. When backup party approached and tried contacting with Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed and Sepoy Naveed Akhtar. They were completely silent and soon backup party found bodies of both Shuhada. Sepoy Naveed Akhtar Shaheed was shot 7-8 times and Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed was shot 34 times.

Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed & Sepoy Naveed Akhtar Shaheed achieved which army was not able to achieve from a long time. Army conducted operation with SSG to get these commanders many times, but they always managed to escape but this time Allah had his plans. The valor of both Shuhada is unmatched and they preferred Pakistan over their lives.

Mother of Captain Sabih Abrar told “He was such an obedient son that I never had to cook because Sabih used to do all cooking when he used to come on leave”. Father Of Captain Sabih Abrar told “I am very proud of my son, he has set an example of bravery for his brothers & cousins” His brother told “I met Sabih bhai in Ramadan , his words were “main nai choro ga talibano ko jaan bhi deni pari main dy doun ga likn main choro ga nai in ko” His cousin told “Sabih Bhai used to call me every time when he used to visit home, let’s go for hunting and we have a lot of memories together”. Every member of his family misses his presence. Truly a story of valor. It is also important to mention Captain Sabih Abrar Shaheed got married 6 months prior to his Shahadat.

His parents wanted him to be an engineer, but he preferred to join the army, followed his passion to server nation as defender and defended till his last breath. He was commissioned by the Pakistan Army in 2015 and participated in various counter-terror operations in South & North Waziristan Agency. He also served in killing mountains of Siachen in his early days of commission.





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