Trumpism leaves the office along with its pioneer Donald Trump after the November 2020 Presidential elections in the United States. As per Results, the five years rule of populism is no more, along with many ambiguities in domestic and international affairs. It started from America’s very neighbors, from building the wall of Mexico on its border to disturbing the balance of power in the Middle East and a will to Contain rising global power from South Asia through its synchronized friend India. Severe riots in the streets of Washington demanding equality for all Americans Chanting the slogans of “Black Lives Matters” to the rise of white supremacist, and Atomwafen Division, neo-Nazis killing the Jews on the land of America, with foolish mishandling after the surge of Pandemic. All of these are the bad being placed on the face of one of the ideal democracies of the world. Before the 46th elected President of the United States Joe Biden steps in, its predecessor opted to act hilariously immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and giving India freehand to commit atrocities in illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Donald Trump is not a traditional politician, probably moves with a very small Foreign Policy experience as one of the republicans. Republicans usually do not govern with what are the Washington standards. They instead of making an alliance curbed America’s multilateral approach towards the world. Joe Biden is a kind of hawkish and interventionist who needs to be more cooperative with the other states of the world, running the White House in an orthodox fashion what Washington demands and in the spectrum of Democrats. Especially in the multilateral forums, United States dropped back, making alliances, and signing liaison MOU’s which the Democrats must restore regaining America’s rhetorical leadership of the free world.

Joe Biden with stepping in White House must reap and feed with what the former President had sewed in his tenure of last five years. Trump and the evangelical support of white Christians to the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel would raise questions over Biden’s Foreign Policy for Palestine and Israel. His bigger challenge is to decide on the narrow verge over Trump’s support to the agenda of West Bank annexation to Israel, the lands which Israel seized in the 6 days war of 1960. The newly elected President seems in favor of two-state-solution but enormously influenced by the Pro-Israel Lobbying group, he dropped any reference to Israel as an occupying power. Joel Rubin, a former Obama administration official who headed Jewish outreach for Biden’s rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), told Today’s Worldview that “the political space is significantly bigger now” within the United States for “more active American pushing” of Israel than it was before Trump came to power.

One last step resulted in the aggressive policies of Republicans’ former President induced negativity in strategic stability in South Asia. Apparently, Republican’s candidate was confident enough to arrive back in the White House, his defense and state secretaries hosted a press conference with Indian counterpart over the signing of a pact to share sensitive satellite data, often used to steer missiles and drones. They were willing to plant their stems in South Asia to contain China which is a regional hegemon and on a severe confront with India over the lands of Aksai Chin and Ladakh. China showed serious concern over the military agreement between both countries. Joe Biden would have to revise the pugnacious policies of his antagonist and obviously, he would not throw his country into havoc again once they are leaving from Afghanistan.

A newly elected President comes up with a manifesto, modification to reduce the ambiguities from the policies of his/her predecessor. Joe Biden is the newly elect must decide wise from unwise, firstly selecting an efficient cabinet and then to review all macho policies of Republican Donald Trump. His slogan to raise America to ‘Great’ again demands beginning by slaying the ideology which divided America in bits in the last five years. He needs to be decisive in picking the right edge of the policy from Indo-Pacific to the middle eastern region. The steep of Arab-Israel ties normalization would demand Biden to have the strongest of the lungs either to bear the pressure from Populist groups in the United States or to curb the pushing with a clear sound of negation.

Author: Usman Ali.

About Author: Author is Undergraduate student of International Relations from NUML.

Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Pakistan Strategic Forum.



  1. Well Done Boy, its a brilliant one. I am proud of you♥️.
    Let’s see Mr Joe Biden, will he be able to fulfill his challenges or not? Time will explain everything…


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