UAS-Global reveled its project ZF-1 UCAV for the first time in November 2018 during IDEAS exhibition in Karachi, since then it has caught the eye of many speculators in the defense community. According to UAS-Global their UCAV will be a Stealth drone capable of both Air to Air and Air to Ground operations.


UAS-Global is a team of Security Specialists who provide consultancy on Unmanned Aerial Systems, Security Infrastructure, Aerial Surveillance, Aerial Surveys/Mapping and Counter UAV Systems. Led by our CEO/Founder Mr. Rafay Shaik, who is an accredited Security Consultant and an Experienced Drone Pilot from the United Kingdom with 14 years of extensive experience in the field.

UASG are Exclusive Distributors for Yuneec Aviation International, BCB Robotics Wales, Quantum Aviation UK, and agents for UAV Factory. Our suppliers are all highly acclaimed, certified, technically advanced and are producing state of the art equipment.

UASG participated in Ideas 2016 & 2018 with great success and interest from all branches of the Armed Forces and has conducted extensive demonstrations/trials of our products with success to the SSG, Pakistan Marines, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), Frontier Corps (KPK), Pakistan Army Central Ordnance Depot Lahore and Elite Police Force Punjab.


UAS-Global so far has just shown the futuristic plan of their product and not much is available on their website as well, but if we are to believe the specifications which UAS-Global is advertising then ZF-1 Viper UCAV will have the following Specifications.


1. MTOW 16 Tons
2. Wingspan 18 m
3. Payload 300 kg
4. Altitude 30,000 ft
5. Speed Mach 0.8
6. Range 500 km


1. Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses.
2. Deep Enemy Penetration Strike.
3. Stealth, Low Radar Signature.
4. Rapid Reconnaissance.
5. Electronic Warfare.


1. Laser Guided Missiles.
2. Precision Bombs.





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