Thunder Bravo has better designed DSI than Thunder Alpha (Single Seat Version). Basically, it means that Bravo’s RCS will be much smaller than Alpha’s RCS.

Smaller RCS means Bravo will be harder to detect by adversary’s radar which will make aircraft stealthy.

* RCS: Radar Cross Section.

* DSI: Diverterless Supersonic Inlet.

Important Note: Recently PAF has released a video in which PAF’s No.16 Squadron “Black Panthers” has been shown with both JF-17 Alpha (Single Seat) & JF-17 Bravo (Dual Seat). PSF has decided to do comprehensive analysis on physical differences between Alpha & Bravo.

Note (2): “This analysis is between Block-1/2 & Block-B (Bravo). Please do not take it as reference for Thunder Block-3”.

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