Since Bravo is “Dual Seat Variant” it has bigger cockpit than Alpha which is “Single Seat Version”. Moreover Bravo has 3-axis FBW control system & has excellent EW capabilities due to build in “EW suite” plus Bravo can carry both KG-300 & KG-600 “Jamming Pods”. (External Jamming Pods).

Wings of Bravo are slightly bigger than Alpha. Moreover wings & spine is strengthened by using more composite material which will make aircraft lighter but will enable it to carry greater payload (More Armaments).

Important Note: Recently PAF has released a video in which PAF’s No.16 Squadron “Black Panthers” has been shown with both JF-17 Alpha (Single Seat) & JF-17 Bravo (Dual Seat). PSF has decided to do comprehensive analysis on physical differences between Alpha & Bravo.

Note (2): “This analysis is between Block-1/2 & Block-B (Bravo). Please do not take it as reference for Thunder Block-3”.

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