Sungur SHOARD is developed by Turkish defense industry Roketsan. Sungur is Short Range Air Defense System, capable of tackling airborne targets at very low level.

Sungur will enter in service with TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) in year 2020.


Sungur is mobile platform based on Self Armored Vehicle and is very effective against low flying threats such as UAVs, Fixed-wing, Rotors, low flying cruise missiles etc.

Sungur development began in 2013 when Roketsan signed deal Turkish ministry of defense (SSB). The development, design, production was not mentioned in any public paper until 2016. Its tests began in 2018 and concluded successfully in 2020.

First Ballistic test, Seeker test, and Unarmed flight tests were conducted in 2018-2019. Last series of tests completed successfully in June 2020 and in July Ismail Demir announced its induction in Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in September 2020.

Sungur can engage variety of targets at maximum range of 6km and up to an altitude of 4 km. It is equipped with PORSAV MANPAD and is mounted on BMC 4×4 Buran TTZA Armored vehicle.

Sungur is intended to replace Stinger POST (Fim-92B) and Stinger EMP (Fim-92C) in Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

Sungur missile is solid fueled two stage missile. It is cold launched from silo same as Javelin ATGM, S-300 and S-400 SAMs. It is then is ignited by booster and later is maintained through second stage knowns as sustainer. The system as mentioned earlier

Is based on BMC Vuran in form of two launchers. Both launchers fire 2x missiles with additional two in ready to launch condition. Electronically controlled turret is gyrostabilized, giving it Shot-on-the-move capability irrespective of vehicle direction.

It is manned by Gunner who through Single large Multi-Functional Display conducts whole operation along with 2 Joysticks.

Sungur SHORAD is fitted with Star Safire HLD 380 FLIR system. It is stated be functioning in between 3-5 micron wave band. It features an automatic Target detection and identification ability. It gives an edge to Sungur and lock Target in day-night and in adverse weather conditions. It is said that Sungur can also be benefited from Turkish Land Forces Command and Control station in searching and tracking targets.

Apart from heat seeking mode only missile is locked on Target through FLIR. Thus, along with missile dual band IR Seeker it is locked on target, clutter, environment, and countermeasures tackled. This makes it quite effective against countermeasures such as flares.

Sungur SHORAD is low level of layered Air Defense System. It provides protection to ground units from low flying threats. During tests, it successfully engaged static target at only 20m above ground with pinpoint accuracy, this speaks of its capability. Unlike Other short-range air defense system, it however, lacks .50 caliber gun. But PORSAV MANPAD does not left any space and performs its function quite effectively. This is the reason why Turkish Armed Forces are replacing Stinger RMP variants with this beauty.




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