Note: This article features Sikh genocide which happened during Operation Blue Star by Indian Armed Forces under the instructions of Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi.

(1st June 1984 – 8th June 1984).

Indian Military carried out action Code Name “Operation Blue Star” in which Millions of Sikhs were systematically murdered by Indian Army on the orders of Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi.

Sikhs were killed across Indian Occupied Punjab. The Center Piece of Indian Military Aggression was Amritsar City.

Indian Military heavily damaged Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib). Sikh Leader & Founder of Khalistan Movement (A Separate Country for Sikhs) Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was brutally killed along with his thousands of followers inside Golden Temple.

Important Note: “Golden Temple” is one of the most Holiest Place in Sikhism & attacking it was a heinous crime committed by Indian Military.





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