SH-15 is a Modern Chinese 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer.

In 2017 a new 155 mm truck-mounted howitzer was observed in China. The SH-15 is upgraded SH-1 with many improved features.


It is based upon Shaanxi 6×6 truck chassis with an armored cabin at the front and a 155 mm gun-howitzer mounted at the rear of the truck. The truck also has two spades connected to the howitzer at the rear for stabilizing the system.


This artillery system is highly mobile and can self-deploy over long distances. It is fitted with central tire inflation system, which improves its mobility over different types of terrain, such as sand, snow, and mud. Its maximum road speed is 90 km/h, weighing only 22.5 tons, it can be airlifted by most medium transport aircraft or utility helicopter using an external sling.


It is protected against the firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters. The crew cabin has two large bulletproof windows at the front and two on each door’s side.


SH-15 is compatible with all NATO, Russian and NORINCO’s 155 mm shells of ammunition. It has a computerized fire control system, navigation and targeting systems. Vehicle receives target information from artillery command vehicle. It also has an option of manual control in case of emergency.


Main Armament: 155 mm/52 caliber gun
Secondary Armament: 12.7 mm heavy machine gun

Maximum Firing Range: 23 Km standard & 53 Km with Rocket assisted projectile.
Rate of Fire: 4-6 rounds/min
Maximum Rounds: 40 (multiple types)
Elevation(degree): 70*
Maximum Road Speed: 90 km/h
Crew: 4-5 men


In November 2018, it was revealed in media reports that Pakistan is potentially pursuing 236-300 SH-15 howitzers from China after extreme testing & evaluation. It was also placed on HIT’s stall in IDEAS-2018. SH-15 is an advance model of SH-1 howitzer.

Important Note: “We will update on the delivery schedule of SH-15 SPH to Pakistan”.




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