Note: This article discusses Turkish UMTAS Anti-Tank Missile, their capabilities & variants.

UMTAS is long range Anti-Tank Guided Missile devolved and manufactured by Turkish Defense firm Rokestan. It is in service with Turkish armed forces and will be also part of Pak/Turkish T-129 ATAK deal.

UMTAS is 1.8m in length,160mm in diameter and has about 37.5Kg weight. It is Equipped with Tandem High HEAT anti-armor warhead, which is very effective against ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor)

Its guidance section is very prominent, Initial Flight Path is devised automatically after acquiring lock b laser illuminator, giving fire-and-forget capability. Missile also have ability to lock on target after launch as well and two-way RF Datalink enables crew to switch to another target during mid-flight.

UMTAS, with good range and flexibility is a best option for similarity in inventory of any force. UMTAS can be launched from variety of platforms as intended initially for rotor platform it has been launched successfully from Turkish T-129 ATAK, AH-1W Cobra and SH-60 Seahawks against sea target.

The UMTAS launcher is designed in accordance with the MIL-STD-1760 and MIL-STD-1553 standard data-bus for integration into the military aircrafts as well & one launcher can carry Four UMTAS at a time.

It also was successfully launched from Bayraktar UAV (Fixed wing) from an altitude of 16000 ft, successfully engaging targets of an area of 3×3m, apart from Airborne launched platform it can also be mounted on IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) & APCs.

In Sept 2015 Turkey signed deal with Polish Army for co-production & also to integrate UMTAS on their MI-8, Mi-17 & Mi-24 helicopters. Airbus also signed deal with Rokestan for Integration of UMTAS on CN-295.




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