SPECTRA is Self-Protection Equipment to Counter/Avoid Enemy-fire control. The role of SPECTRA is clear as SPECTRA EW has in-built counter threat system which integrates many equipment to counter Airborne and Ground based threats.
This system is designed to tackle Radio Frequency RF, Infrared threats and laser range finder using many equipment such as:

-Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
-Missile Approach Warning system (MAWS)
-Laser Range Finder
-Phased Array Jammer
-Chaff and Flare Dispenser

Upper mentioned equipments are fully integrated through data fusion and give extra ordinary situational awareness to pilot and assist pilot to counter threat with Target weapon.
It is further assisted by RBE-2 AESA radar for Active Action. Its angular localization gives coverage at 360° from all the threats, making it enable to identify Airborne /ground targets, avoid them, or destroy.

SPECTRA phased Array Jammer is key equipment in SPECTRA. It is rumored that it have stealthy mode of cancelling RF waves , but no official news is there about ‘How it works’ .
Due to its passive action at long range capability, it reduces Aircraft Radar Cross Section many folds. It is speculated it works in Waveband of 2GH-20GH or even wider at 40GH.

It is important to mention that at expense of range High Waveband RF (>30GH) have very high target imagery. Thus, is therefore very attractive to Active Guided BVRs to get high probability of kill. So, SPECTRA having capability to operate approximately at such Waveband means very efficient against modern and state of the art BVR operating at very Narrow wavelength using defensive measures like Phased Array Jammer.



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