An Infantry Fighting Vehicle IFV is a type of armored fighting vehicle used to carry Infantry troops to battle and provide direct fire support for anti-personal, anti-aircraft or anti-armor threat. They are generally tracked to provide mobility in extreme conditions. In this article we will discuss about Pakistan’s Viper IFV (indigenously designed) developed by Heavy Industries Taxila, Pakistan.

The Heavy Industries Taxila’s manufactured Viper infantry fighting vehicle was unveiled at IDEAS 2018. The tracked IFV is like locally produces APC Talha in external hull design, is armed with a 30mm auto-cannon and Russian Kornet anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and other electro optical sensors.

Viper IFV is manned by a three-man crew comprising a driver, gunner, and a commander. Capable of transporting nine troops, the IFV can engage all manner of ground targets including main battle tanks. The 30mm gun in the remote-controlled turret can make short work of soft vehicles and infantry while Kornet missiles give the vehicle the ability to engage heavily armored vehicles from a standoff distance.

HIT has also incorporated multiple protective features in the vehicles. The seats are suspended to provide better crew and troop survivability against landmines and improvised explosive devices (IED). Following are some general characteristics of it

Max Weight: 11,000 KG

Power Plant: 360 HP Diesel Engine

Maximum Speed: 62 Km/h

Primary Weapon: 2A42 Gun

Weight: 115 KG
Length: 3.027 m
Barrel Length: 2416 mm
Caliber: 30 mm
Barrel: 1
Action: Gas Operated
Rate of Fire: 200-300 rds./min
Maximum Rate of Fire: 550-880 rds./min
Muzzle Velocity: 960 m/s
Effective Range: 2,000 m
Maximum Range: 4,000 m
Feed System: Twin Feed

Secondary Armament

NSV 12.7 mm Machine Gun


2x AT-5B Konkurs-M anti-tank guided missiles
It has Tandem warhead – with extended explosive probe. The warhead penetration is 750–800 mm vs RHA.

Firing Range

100-4000 m/day
100-2500 m/night


Two series of four smoke grenade launchers
EO/IR sights for the gunner and commander.
This modular optronic mast is ideal for long day and night surveillance missions.

Operational Status

It was told in IDEAS 2018 that Viper IFV will undergo extensive Tests and Trails before formal induction in Pakistan Military Forces.





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