A Geneva based organization, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN) released a document about Expenditure on Nuclear Weapons by 9 N-Powers. According to that documents, in 2019, 9 Nuclear States spent about $72.9 billion on their Nuclear Arsenal. This means altogether they spent about $138,699 each day of 2019. In 2018, Nuclear Expenditure was $65.8 billion, so we saw increase of $7.1 billion in 2019.


According to SIPRI, Pakistan has 150-160 Nuclear Warheads. Pakistan spends about $1 billion on these Nuclear weapons. This means Pakistan spent $1,903 per minute on nuclear weapons in 2019. Pakistan has operational Land, Air, and sea delivery. Pakistan completed its nuclear triad in 2017.


USA has the World’s 2nd biggest Nuclear Arsenal with 5800 warheads. US spending is increased by $5.8 Billion from 2018 spending. US spends about 5% of their overall military expenditure on Nuclear Arsenal. US has also completed her Nuclear Triad.


Asian Tiger, China is also spending a lot of money on their Nuclear Weapons. China has about 320 nuclear Warheads and spent about $19,786 for every minute of 2019. Overall Chinese nuclear expenditure is about $10.4 billion.


Will of becoming a regional superpower costs about $2.3 billion to India. Yes! In 2019, India spent about $2.3 billion on Nuclear Arsenal. From Brahmos to Agni-V, India is Capable of Firing Nuclear weapons from sea, surface, and air. According to ICAN, India spent $4,376 every minute (on N-Weapons) in 2019.


This small Europe state tested her 1st nuclear weapon in 1960. Currently, France has 290 N-Weapons. France does not have land-based delivery systems for her nuclear arsenal. In 2019, France spent $4.8 billion* on Nuclear weapons. This means France spent $9,132 on nuclear weapons every minute in 2019.

United Kingdom

UK is the only country among all N-Power states who has only one delivery system for their nuclear weapons. Currently UK is spending about $8.9 on her N-Arsenal. This means the United Kingdom spent $16,933 every minute on nuclear weapons in 2019.

North Korea

North Korea has about 35 Nuclear Warheads. Currently N.Korea has Land based delivery systems and it is also working on sea-based systems. According to this report, N.Korea has spent about $620 million on Nuclear Weapon Program. This means North Korea spent $1,180 every minute on nuclear weapons in 2019.


Russia has the world biggest nuclear arsenal. Reportedly, Russia is having 6370 nuclear warheads. Like US, Pakistan and India, Russia has also completed Nuclear Triad. In 2019, Russia spent about $8.5 billion, 13% of her Annual Military Budget. This means Russia spent $16,172 every minute on nuclear weapons in 2019.


This very tinny state has 90 N-weapons. Although, Israel denies that it has N-Bombs. According to ICAN reports, Israel spent about $1 billion ($1903 per minute) in 2019 on N-Bombs.

What is ICAN?

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) is a global campaign working to mobilize people in all countries to inspire, persuade and pressure their governments to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. ICAN is comprised of more than 500 partner organizations in over 100 countries. ICAN also got Noble Peace prize of 2017

Important NOTE: All statistics is Collected from ICAN Annual Paper.

(All currency conversions were conducted on April 27, 2020)




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