Reasons why PSF suspects/believes in Iran’s involvement in today’s “PSE Attack” & why PSF believes Iran is behind BLA along with India (RAW).

a). Iran has around USD 700-800 million worth of illegal trade from Pakistan’s Baluchistan. Since Pakistan has decided to fence Baluchistan border, Iran is worried about its illegal trade.

b). Since India has invested heavily in Iran’s “Chabahar Port”. Iran does not want Gwadar Port to get fully operational hence its damaging CPEC & Baluchistan by supporting BLA.

c). Iran wants Pakistan to supply weapons (Nuclear Tech, Ballistic Missile Tech, Latest Fighter Jets etc.) to “Iranian Regime” despite UN sanctions on Iran. Since Pakistan is a responsible state & cannot supply weapons to a country which is under UN sanctions, Iran is using BLA to pressurize Pakistan.

d). When CPEC will be operational, Pakistan will be stable economically & can explore resources (Oil & other precious elements) in Baluchistan which will affect Iran’s oil export.

e). Iran’s IRGC “Zainabiyyoun Brigade” comprises of fighters from Pakistan. Recently dozens of fighters of these two-organization were killed in Turkish army operation in Idlib and Aleppo, Syria (Check their activities in World).

f). See Iran’s behavior during “Corona Virus Crisis” border management.

Iran & India have nexus to destabilize Baluchistan. They support BLA to achieve their respective goals. Since India is our defined enemy hence PSF does not think that we should explain India’s intentions.

For PSF Pakistan comes First.

Pakistan Zindabad

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