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Monday, April 22, 2024


Exclusive Report on Weapons Recovered from BLA Terrorists: “PSE Attack”

a). Type-56 Norinco Rifles Quantity: 4 b). Magazines for Type-56 Rifles Quantity: 8-10 c). Mk-2 Grenades Quantity: 13 d). M-67 Grenades Quantity: 10 e). 40 mm Grenades Quantity: 38 f). Cache of 5.56×45 mm Bullets g). Mirkol 40 mm Grenade Launcher Quantity: 1 #Bravo #TeamPakistanStrategicForum

Pakistan: “Iran’s involvement in PSE Attack & its support for BLA”

Reasons why PSF suspects/believes in Iran's involvement in today's "PSE Attack" & why PSF believes Iran is behind BLA along with India (RAW). a). Iran has around USD 700-800 million worth of illegal trade from Pakistan's Baluchistan. Since Pakistan has...
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Al Qaeda Resurfaces in Afghanistan: A Return to Dark Days, A Looming Threat

Al Qaeda, infamous for orchestrating the tragic events of 9/11, has reemerged in Afghanistan, resurrecting its nefarious activities reminiscent...
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The Story of the Blown Up Generation

Ahmed’s young palms were sweating. He tried to busy his mind by peeking out of the car window and see the the cars...

Karachi Shipyard Launches the Fourth & Final Babur Class Corvette “PNS TARIQ”

Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Ltd (KS&EW) launched the fourth and final BABUR (PN MILGEM) Class Corvette, PNS TARIQ (F-283), on August 2nd, 2023....

Pakistan’s Blue Economy: Unleashing Marine Resources for Sustainable Growth

Pakistan's blue economy presents a promising avenue for sustainable development, rooted in the responsible utilization of marine resources. With a coastline stretching approximately 1,046...

Adnan Afridi: A Hero’s Sacrifice

Name: Adnan Afridi Profession: Policeman Rank: Additional SHO Hometown: KPK Pakistan Date of Shahadat: 25th July 2023 Place of Shahadat: Masjid in Jamrud KPK In the rugged landscapes of rural KPK, Pakistan, a...