Pakistan Air Force’s primary Air to Air Refueler is IL-78, which utilities Probe & Drogue method to refuel Mirages, JF-17 Thunder Block-2s & Upcoming Block 3 as well. JF-17 Block-3 uses a detachable & easy “Integrated Refueling Probe”, according to mission requirements.

PAF’s F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet being American platform is refueled through “Flying Boom Technique”. PAF does not possess any “Flying Boom Tanker” which means PAF’s F-16s cannot be air refueled.

There is a solution for this problem. Fitting a Refueling probe on Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs) of F-16 Fighting Falcon Block-52+s this will allow F-16s to be Air Refueled using “Probe & Drogue Method” but PAF doesn’t seems to be interested in it because F-16s in PAF’s inventory mostly perform Air superiority Role & limited COIN missions, hence doesn’t requires “A-A Refueling”.

PAF F-16s Pilots are well trained for every type of air to air refueling methods. During “Red Flag” & “Anatolian Eagle” PAF’s F-16s were Refueled by KC-135 of USAF and TuAF (See Picture Below For Reference).

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