Raja Aziz Bhatti was born in Hong Kong on August 06, 1928, in a Rajput family, his family belongs to a small village located 110 Miles of Gujrat. Aziz Bhatti completed his early education from Queen’s College Hong Kong.

In 1946, Sir Raja Aziz Bhatti was enrolled as Airmen in RIAF and within a very short span of time rose to be Corporal in 1947. At the time of partition his family migrated to Pakistan, and he decided to join Pakistan Army and applied for the selection as an officer. He was selected in the “First Course” that is organized by Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. Initiated in last week of January 1948, Aziz Bhatti showed exceptional performance in overall academics of PMA Kakul.

On the passing out Parade of 1st Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course, Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan graced the occasion and given the Pakistan’s First Sword of Honor to overall best cadet and most brilliant in academics to Cadet Raja Aziz Bhatti and Norman Medal. In addition to that his Company (Khalid Company) also awarded with Quaid-e-Azam Banner.

After completion of his training, he was posted in 16th Punjab Regiment as a commissioned officer. With only 11 months of service, he rose to become Adjutant of the Battalion, later posted in School of Infantry and Tactics Quetta then he appeared entrance exam of Command and Staff College. Humble dedication and devotion towards duty his name appears in top of the list of successful candidates. In recognition of his brilliance he was sent to Kingston Staff College Canada. On completion of his Canadian Staff Course with distinction, on return, Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army, General Muhammad Ayub Khan sent him special message of felicitations.

When War broke out in early September 1965, his Alpha Company was deployed forward of BRB Canal on September 06th when enemy advancing columns went into a surprise when found out that Major Aziz Bhatti along with his men awaiting to receive them with unwavering will to defend Lahore by all means. Bhatti was on forward positions with his Battalion that was under continuous shelling of Armor and Artillery units of Indian army. He resisted at the strategic BRB canal for six days. At night he was called from his Commanding Officer to get replaced so he can do some rest. Filled with devotion, dedication, valor, and love for the Motherland Bhatti refused to being replaced and replied, “Do not Call me Back, I will shed the last drop of my blood in the defense of my dear Motherland”, his words said in battlefield are still a source of inspiration and pride for the Nation.

Despite continuous efforts to capture Burki, in distress Indian Forces launched massive strike which comprised of 1x Infantry Division and 1x Armored Regiment (18th Cavalry & 5h Gorkha Rifles), Extremely outnumbered against such massive attack but Indian army was never able to outgun 16th Punjab Regiment which was continuously fighting with utmost bravery and courage to defend the Motherland and strategic location of BRB Canal. Seeing the fearless defense of Burki sector, Indian army had to halt its plans to capture Lahore and put focus on capturing Burki.

To keep the morale high of his fighting troops, Bhatti moved towards building up trenches and positioned himself at forward observation to view the enemy’s armor movement.

On September 10th, 1965, Major Bhatti was on routine, stood up from his tranche to observe the enemy movement to order artillery to target Indian army tanks, he took a hit by Indian army’s Tank’s fired shell in the chest which passed through his right lung & he embraced martyrdom. He was 37 years old at the time of his shahadat.

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti shaheed was buried with full military honor at his home ancestral home in Ladian, a small village near Gujrat. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti shaheed posthumously awarded with highest military award, Nishan-e-Haider for his gallant actions.




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