Name: Jahanzeb Adnan

Rank: Major

Unit: 3rd Frontier Force Regiment

Year of Commission: 2001

Hometown: Kot Addu (District Muzafargarh) City Multan

Date of Shahadat: 18th February 2014

Place of Shahadat: Bazargai Bazar (KPK) (Operation Al Mezan)

Medal: Sitara-e-Basalat (Star of Good Conduct)

آؤ محبت سے انہیں سلام کر لیں

جن کے حصے میں یہ مقام آتا ہے

بہت خوش نصیب ہوتے ہیں وہ

جن کا لہو وطن کے کام آتا ہے

Major Jahanzeb Adnan was born on 18th January 1983 in Multan. His father was Lt Col (Retired) Malik Noor Muhammad who was a hero of 1971 war. Being born in a Military family it was his dream to join PAK ARMY. He got his Primary education from Army Public School Multan and after that he joined Pakistan Army on 18th May 2001. He joined his unit 3rd Frontier Force Regiment on 22nd April 2003. He represented Pakistan Army in one of the UN missions in Liberia.

He was assigned in Peshawar and in 2014 KPK and especially Peshawar was being hit by waves of terrorist attacks. He was assigned the most difficult job to hunt down terrorists and prevent terrorist attacks. He started his mission very successfully and became famous in the area for eliminating many terrorists. On 16th February 2014 he went on a mission to track and hunt down terrorists after spending time in jungles and Rocky Mountains he and his team tracked down a terrorist group in Bazargai Bazar. He quickly sealed off all the exits of the bazaar and challenged terrorists for a fight, seeing no way of escape terrorists attacked him and his soldiers. He fought with gallantry and bravery, and he fought till his last breath, after killing many terrorists he was shot seven times and embraced shahadat. He died on the battlefield like a lion, his bravery was witnessed by the local people and his fellow soldiers. He was awarded Sitara-e-Basalat by government of Pakistan for his bravery.

His father a Retired Lt Col Himself made a trust in his name to help poor people. There is a chowk in his hometown Kot Addu named after him and one Chowk in Multan city is also named after him.




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