The list of sons of soil is prolonged and few words are not enough to define the legacy and valor of those brave souls who dedicate everything on call.

Among those is Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfooz Shaheed, Born in Pindi Malakan District Rawalpindi on 25 October 1944 after completion of his basic education in 1962 enrolled in Pakistan Army in 25th October 1962, After completion of his basic military training from Punjab Regimental Center posted in Alpha Company of 15th Punjab Regiment.

When the war broke out in December 1971, Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz got deployment on Wagah-Attari Sector with his Alpha Company. His company ordered to carry out attack on Pul Kanjri a village from where Pakistan Army facing heavy resistance. Opponent positions were close but heavily armed with Automatic and Semi Automatic Machine Guns. As the part of Attacking Force, he was ordered to manning a Light Machine Gun (LMG) to form a firebase and support for the advancing column. As part of the team that provide cover to the advance. As the attack progressed his team also moved forward with the assaulting troops until they caught up with the crossfire that too combined with all calibers of Artillery his detachment in the times keep moving forward to provide required cover his companion manning the LMG embraced martyrdom.

He got hold of that LMG and stated fired at the Indian posts with vigor and motivation inflicting heavy damages. While he was engaging the Indians, a direct enemy shell destroyed his LMG. This also failed to stop Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed. He had seen an enemy bunker whose heavy automatic fire giving heavy casualties to his comrades. With the use of his best training in the art of field craft he tried to get close with enemy position going straight for the LMG. While he was closing up both of his legs injured by splinters and heavy shelling. Even after heavy injuries he decided to go to the Indian bunker that house this Indian LMG hardly fit for moving, he still gathering all his energy and resolve to go for it at any cost to avenge his fallen comrades and complete the mission of his Alpha Company.

While the enemy detachment engaging Pakistan forces he managed to muster with all his strength and not only pounced on firer but he went for his neck and strangled him to death while the other crew member, who was watching managed to bayonet him and got him fatally wounded and he fell down more or less unconscious. His brave actions resulted in the capture of Indian positions in a miraculous attack, and remain one of the finest actions at tactical level. The attacking troops managed to capture this formidable position by sheer courage of Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed.

After the end of 1971 War when the flag meetings took place, the Indian Army commander conveyed to the Pakistan Commander that he had been in many actions in wars and real life, but he never came across someone as brave as Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed.

On bravery and sheer determination, On 23rd December 1972 Mahfuz Shaheed awarded with highest military award Nishan-e-Haider, in addition his hometown renamed as Mehfoozabad in honor of brave soul.




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