List of Shaheeds

  • Subedar Abid Hussain from Layyah (FC).
  • Naik Muhammad Anwar from Sibi (FC).
  • Lance Naik Iftikhar Ahmed DG Khan (FC).
  • Sepoy Muhammad Naveed Chakwal (FC).
  • Lance Naik Abdul Latif Pishin (FC).
  • Sepoy Muhammad Waris Mianwali (FC).
  • Sepoy Imran Khan Lakki Marwat (FC).
  • Havaldar (Retired) Samandar Khan from Lakki Marwat (security guard).
  • Muhammad Fawad ullah from Lakki Marwat (security guard).
  • Atta ullah from DI Khan (security guard).
  • Waris Khan from Tank (security guard).
  • Abdul Nafay from Kohat (security guard).
  • Shakir ullah from Kohat (security guard).
  • Abid Hussain from Bannu (security guard).

On October 15, 2020 OGDCL convey was using the coastal highway for their routine operations, they were returning to Karachi from Gwadar. The convoy consisted of few vehicles which were carrying OGDCL staff which were escorted and protected by FC personnel and private security guards hired by OGDCL, When convoy was near Ormara it was ambushed by Militants belonging to banned outfit of Baloch separatists, the attack was well planned and the attackers had prior knowledge of the movement of the convoy.

A ferocious gun battle erupted between the escorts of the convoy and the attackers, the attackers had element of surprise in their favor and they were able to inflict losses the defending forces. FC personnel and Security guards of OGDCL fought together shoulder to shoulder and gave a strong resistance to the attacking militants. All the staff members of OGDCL were securely mobilized and moved to secure location and none of the staff was harmed or injured in the attack, this was a great victory for the personnel on duty.

Battle raged on and seven of the FC personnel and seven of the security guards embraced shahadat on the spot. Many attacking militants were also killed in the battle and one of the militants was also captured alive. In the heat of the battle, one of the vehicles was separated from the convoy during the attack and all the personnel in that vehicle were killed. Showing the true monstrous nature and barbarity, the militants kept on firing on the dead bodies of the soldiers and later set the vehicle and dead bodies on fire. This was a truly inhumane and uncivilized behavior which was shown by the terrorists.

The attackers failed to capture or kill any of the OGDCL staff member all the staff was safely transported to the desired destination but fourteen people died in the attack, they gave their lives to protect the OGDCL staff which was their duty and obligation, This shows the sheer determination and loyalty of ordinary Pakistani soldiers to their country and duty. Each Pakistani soldier is ready and is standing guard, he is ready to fight, kill and die for his nation. Today we salute our Shaheed soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the lives of Pakistani citizens.

Pakistan will prosper all the people of Pakistan including the people of Baluchistan will also prosper. CPEC will bring development and Economic prosperity to the whole nation and evil designs of enemies of Pakistan will be foiled by the security forces of Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.




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