Pakistan tested a new variant of RAAD Missile known as RA’AD II cruise missile which has capability of carrying both Conventional Nuclear Warheads & it’s air to ground missile. The range of RAAD II missile will give a strategic edge to Pakistan in countering the enemy with tactical nuclear payload.

As per the statement of ISPR “The weapon system is equipped with state-of-the-art guidance and navigation systems ensuring engagement of targets with high precision.”

Initially RAAD II is launched from Rose Mirage III which also played its role on the event of 27 Feb 2019. For future JF-17 Thunder will be made capable to launch RAAD II cruise missile. RAAD II is 4.85-meter-long and has 500-600 km range. The first variant which was tested in 2007 had a range of 350 km.

As per sources AWC & NESCOM are developing another variant of Ra’ad ALCM with extended range & greater payload.

*AWC= Air Weapon Complex.

*NESCOM= National Engineering and Scientific Commission.





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