Some 2-3 days ago a picture (Show Below) came on “Social Media” by “Zohaib Malik” an excellent aviation photographer which shows JF-17 Thunder carrying a targeting pod under his belly hard point.

Many experts, pages, groups & other “Social Media” platforms started posting the name of this “Jamming Pod” as “Panjnad Pod”. Most of them claimed that this jamming pod is locally/indigenously build by Pakistan for JF-17 Thunder.

After complete research & analysis PSF can confirm that this Pod is “KG-600 SPJ Jamming Pod” used for ECM/ESM by Thunder. Moreover, PAF has named “KG-600 SPJ” as “Panjnad Pod”.

Hence all theories of indigenously build ECM/ESM pod by PAF for Thunder are fake.

PAF has previously used “KG-300 Jamming Pod” for JF-17 Thunder Block-1 but since KG-600 is way better than KG-300 PAF now uses KG-600 for JF-17 Thunder.

Moreover JF-17 Thunder carries “KG-600” on belly hard point because of its massive weight.

Important Note: “The pictures shown below shows JF-17 Thunder at static display with KG-600/700 SPJ Jamming Pod. Observe “Inlet hole” on side of the pod”.

Note (2): “PSF thanks Zohaib Malik for excellent click & apologies for drawing over his picture. We hope he understands because PSF wanted to clarify the issue regarding shown (Jamming Pod). We again put emphasis that picture is by Zohaib Malik & we just used it for clarification”.

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