Captain Muhammad Sarwar was born on Nov 10, 1910, in village Singhori in Rawalpindi. He belonged to a military family. His father Muhammad Hayat Khan was also in the army. Captain Muhammad Sarwar received his primary education from Government Muslim High school, Tariqabad, Faisalabad. He passed his middle school from Tandiala Nawala Middle school in 1925 and secured first position in matric in 1927.

Muhammad Sarwar was commissioned in the Punjab Regiment in 1944. He had also participated in World War – II. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in 1946 for his outstanding Military service. In 1948 he was serving as a company commander in the second Battalion of the Punjab Regiment when he was assigned to an operation in Kashmir.

At the time of establishment of Pakistan, only Punjab regiment was an organized and active regiment. 2 Punjab Regiment was ordered to go to Kashmir. He took the initiative and by virtue of his experience and ability, he thought that he must go to war. In this regard, he started putting his efforts to be part of frontline troops. The Commanding Officer knew that it was not an easy battle, but he promised Captain Muhammad Sarwar that after few days he will be part of frontline troops.

The situation got worse and Commanding Officer on request of Captain Muhammad Sarwar send him with a team being led by him to destroy the enemy’s post. This post was standing in the way of victory. Captain Muhammad Sarwar was very motivated and enthusiastic to serve his motherland. on July 27,1948, Captain Muhammad Sarwar attacked a key enemy military position in the Uri sector of Kashmir. Many soldiers were martyred and injured in this attack, but Captain Muhammad Sarwar continued to advance.

On approaching the enemy’s front, he found that the enemy had secured their fronts with barbed wire. Despite this, Captain Muhammad Sarwar constantly kept on firing, without caring about his injuries. He along with his 6 comrades he crossed the barbed wire and made a final attack on the enemy’s front, with a bust on the enemy, raising the slogans “ALLAH HO AKBAR”, he said to the presence of the lord. The enemy left the post and ran away. After this sudden attack, the enemy turned their cannons towards Captain Sarwar, thus a bullet hit Captain Sarwar in the chest, and he was martyred.

The valleys of Kashmir are still witness to, how Captain Muhammad Sarwar fought till the last drop of his blood. He looked into the eyes of the enemy and told them that for this land he can shed blood and will defeat the enemy.

The morning sun saw the green crescent flag of Pakistan fluttering on this hill. He was awarded with Nishan-e-Haider for creating an unparalleled history of bravery. His award was received by his widow on 3rd January 1961 from President of Pakistan, Muhammad Ayyub Khan. Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed showed great bravery and courage to defend the motherhood.

After his martyrdom, General Ayyub Khan said in his address: “I feel proud to mention the sacrifice of Captain Mohammad Sarwar Shaheed, who has added a new chapter in the history of Pakistan by being the first to receive the Nishan-e-Haider. By giving a great sacrifice, he made the name of himself, his army, and his Unit alive forever. Indeed, we all are proud of his sacrifice. Let us all pledge to remember this golden feat forever and will keep it fresh.”

His long-time companion Major Afzal says: “I feel as if Sarwar Shaheed has just passed by me and advised me to pray for the defeat of the enemy and his martyrdom. I remember that time.” His life was ideal. He always wakes up early in the morning to pray and wake me up forcibly. I would call him Maulvi and he would stop me and ask me to call him a martyr.”

Captain Sarwar Shaheed who fought against external enemies for the sake of motherland. He is a shining example of bravery for the soldiers of Pakistan Army who are fighting against terrorists and internal challenges today.




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