The picture shows BAF’s Mig-29B/UB carrying R-27R (AA-10 Alamo) & R-73 (AA-11 Archer) A-A Missiles.

Note (1): We will not be discussing R-73 since it is a short-range infrared homing missile.

Now let us discuss R-27R which many Bangladeshi “Defense Analyst” claim that it is Beyond visual range. Though categorically it is a Beyond Visual Range Missile but being a semi active radar homing missile (Fox-1), it is very obsolete in comparison with modern day Beyond Visual Range Missile (BVRM) which are active radar homing (Fox-3).

Reasons are as follows.

¶ R-27R is semi-active radar homing missile which means that pilot must keep the target locked & has to guide the missile till impact. Its maximum range is 73Km & certainly not 80-100km. Moreover, maximum range does not mean that it is its “Effective Range”. The maximum “Effective Range” of R-27R is 40Km.

¶ There is absolutely NO evidence that BAF has R-27ER1 missile as many Bangladeshi “Defense Analyst” claim. Even if for a second, we accept their claim, the radar of BAF’s Mig-29B is Phazotron NIIP N 019 pulse doppler X band fire control radar. Which has maximum display range of 150km while max detection range of 50- 70km for targets of 3 sq m. RCS. Maximum tracking range is 40-60km. While maximum range of R-27ER1 missile is 100km. By this simple range comparison, we can burst the bubble of their claim.

Important Note: Mig-29UB does not even carries radar because it is for training only.

Bangladesh Air Force Mig-29B/UB upgradation program.

Many Bangladeshi “Defense Analyst” claim that their 4x Mig-29s have been upgraded to BM standard by Belarus, well again there is absolutely NO evidence that Bangladesh’s Mig-29B/UB have been upgraded to “BM” standard because if they were upgraded to “BM” standard they must have a “Dorsal Hump” to house additional fuel & EW/ESM suite.

Note (2): The picture of BAF’s Mig-29 which shows no presence of “Dorsal Hump” is from latest official documentary by BAF & these are latest pictures available of BAF’s Mig-29s. Now if Bangladeshi “Defense Analyst” claim that they received the alleged upgraded Mig-29s after this documentary even then they must show the pictorial evidence of the “Dorsal Hump” which is the main feature of BM/SMT/UPG upgrade.

Dorsal Hump in BM Upgrade
Dorsal Hump in BM Upgrade
No Dorsal Hump in BAF Mig-29
No Dorsal Hump in BAF Mig-29

Note (3): Myanmar Air Force has FC-1 or JF-17 Thunder which carries PL-12 or SD-10A which is active radar homing BVRM.



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