Reportedly Azerbaijan has shown interest in JF-17 Thunder. Sources suggest that Azerbaijani Air Force is looking for 24-36 Multirole Fighter Jets to replace their aging Mig-21s & Mig-29s.

Azerbaijani Air Force currently operates 5x Mig-21s, 12x Mig-29s & 12x Su-25s. Azerbaijani Air Force desperately needs BVR capability & JF-17 Thunder can provide BVR capability without breaking bank.

Moreover JF-17 Thunder is a complete package/Multirole fighter jet which can carry following armaments.

Air to Air Configuration

  1. PL-15 VLRBVRM (Will be integrated with Block-3) (Effective Range= 200-250 Km).
  2. PL-12/SD-10 BVRM (Effective Range= 100+ Km).
  3. PL-10 WVRM (will be integrated with Block-3).
  4. PL-5EII WVRM.

Air to Ground Configuration

  1. Various Unguided Bombs.
  2. Guided Bombs including LGBs, PGBs & Stand Off Weapons.
  3. Anti-Radiation Missiles (LD-10 & MAR-1).

Anti-Ship Configuration

  1. C-802AK
  2. CM-400AKG

Moreover JF-17 Thunder comes with state of the art KLJ-7 V2 radar (Till Block-2) & KLJ-7A AESA radar for Block-3. Thunder can also carry various types of Targeting/Reconnaissance as well as Jamming Pods.


JF-17 Thunder is a complete package for Azerbaijani Air Force & can replace almost all fighter jets currently operated by Azerbaijani Air Force without breaking bank.

Note: There is difference between “Maximum Range” & “Effective Range”.

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