Tiger forces of Syrian Arab Army (Now known as the 25th Special Mission Forces Division) is an elite special unit (Around 4000) of SAA. They are specialized in offensive operations. Usually acting on the most difficult parts of the front the Tiger forces have not suffered a single major defeat. Tiger forces have repeatedly engaged as the winner of the fiercest battles of the conflict.

The tiger forces of Syrian Arab Army belong to the anew divisions created during the Civil war at which age the Syrian Arab army had lost all combat effectiveness due to being demoralized after several years of armed hostilities. The forces are playing a crucial role in the war waged by the Syrian people against armed insurgency and foreign intervention. This unit was created by the order of colonel Subel Al Hassan funded by Rami Makhlouf (Bashar Al Assad’s cousin a prominent investor)

The main body of the Tiger forces is armed with Al Aweed officers from the 4Th and 11Th tank divisions of the SAA. The air force recruitment and training directorate has also gotten more Al Aweeds to join the special force. Its exact structure and numbers are unknown, but it is known that it originally comprised of “The Cheetah forces” and “The Panther forces” but has now greatly increased in size now comprising of

Termah Group/Regiment
Taha assault Regiment
Yarrob Group/Regiment
Shaheen Group/Regiment
Shabaat Group/Regiment
Al Hawarith Group/Regiment
Zaydar Group/Regiment
Al Shabbour Group/Regiment
Al-Komeet Group/Regiment
Al-Luyouth Group/Regiment
Hayder Group/Regiment
Raqqa Hawks Brigade

The Tiger Forces have a dedicated artillery regiment and an armored unit. Both the artillery and armored units appear to be distinct entities within the Tiger Forces. Both the artillery and armored units are independent from other groups, reporting directly to the Tiger Forces’ command. The size of the armored unit is unknown.

Ever since their formation the Tiger forces have always been equipped on a priority bases. They have best equipment before the rest if the SAA present fighting on the front lines who conducted highly aggressive operations against most notably ISIS in the recent years but recently have shifted focus of former jamat ul Nusra group in the west. The Tiger Forces regular groups also have local defensive units, as well as operational units recruited from the countryside which are deployed across the country

Note: This article is strictly educational. It does not contain support for any side in that conflict nor does it have any Geo-political narrative.




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