Note: In this article the author has discussed the grim fate of 210 million Muslims in neo fascist India.

Fascism is an interpretation of the existence of an authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement (BJP), characterized by a dictatorial leader (Modi), forcible suppression of undesirables (Muslim, Sikh, Christian minorities suppression), belief in a natural social hierarchy (Cast System) and subordination for the perceived good of the nation and race (Hindu supremacy)

Sounds familiar? That’s because this is the reality millions are now facing in India, Fascism, a vile evil that the world has previously had to fight a world war for the sake of eradication. Under the RSS origin Modi administration, India has been transformed into an ultranationalist Hindu supremacist and Neo Fascist state which has launched a suppression campaign towards all forms of opposition against the BJP ruling party. This aggressive campaign extends to both the moderate Indian opposition political parties, religious minorities and Kashmiris/Sikhs who desire Independence from forced occupation.

The systematic aggression towards minority citizens, especially Muslims is especially concerning as it started growing genocidal tendencies on a state level. Taking citizenship from millions of Muslim families, eviction from homes in the thousands, use of state police and military to intimidate activists, Anti Muslim speeches by members of the leading party BJP, Mosques being destroyed, denial of education & fair job opportunities, etc. It seems BJP has already reached a stage where the German Nazi party was in 1935. No surprises here, after all the top members of the BJP had some connections to the Indian version of Nazi SS) the infamous Hindu supremacist organization RSS. It has reached a stage where Muslims who consider themselves to be proud Indians are now unsure of their future.

Occupied Kashmir

The crackdown in Kashmir is more brutal than ever, almost all Kashmiri journalists have been suppressed from speaking out, politicians and local leaders are being taken down in arrests, and the state police / new laws are being used as a threat to force Kashmiris to submission (Otherwise face unjustified arrests and possibly death without a trail on false charges). Perhaps the best example of this is NIA (National Investigation Agency). The Modi-led government has been documented using its notorious NIA (Comparable to cells within the Nazi Gestapo) to arrest innocent Kashmiris on fake charges and punish them to create an atmosphere of fear and terror in IIOJK. The NIA is empowered to deal with the investigation of terror-related crimes across India without special permission from the states giving it a free pass to escape accountability under state patronage.

Stateless status, Eviction and 50,000 homes demolition

In late 2019 and early 2020, the Indian government introduced new controversial citizenship laws directed specifically toward Muslims living in India. These laws systematically excluded nearly two million Muslims in Assam as Indian citizens, making them stateless. Many large-scale protests took place which were also systematically suppressed forcing only Muslim families to go through a bureaucratic process to prove themselves as Indians. Meanwhile, those Muslim families that were not excluded also sensed impending danger, stating “We are under threat of becoming a minority in our own land,” (Muslim Majority regions).

What worrying is that these sentiments are not unfounded as for the past few years, India has also launched an eviction and homes demolition campaign against what it calls illegal encroachment, however, it seems this law only applies to Muslim families. Muslims throughout India faced eviction from homes they have been residing in for generations, most prominently in the Indian state of Assam.

As usual, protests were held and soon suppressed with no hope of justice for the residents. Meanwhile in Uttarakhand, 50000 Muslim houses are in danger of demolition by the Indian state following a separate drive to clear land claimed by the government. This would result in 50000 families losing homes they acquired through proper legal channels and becoming homeless in extreme winters. As of right now, Muslims all over India are facing similar issues and the main culprit can be traced back to the supremacy ideals being propagated by BJP government, very similar to how the Nazi regime operated through its initial years.

Gujrat massacre and BBC

Recently the BBC released of a documentary regarding Indian Prime Minister Modis role behind the Gujrat riots and following massacre (which claimed the lives of over thousands of Muslims). It highlighted the fascist genocidal tendencies Modi holds towards Indian Muslims and how state apparatus is being used to satisfy this drive to rid India from Muslims leaving behind only the “Pure Hindu race”. Following this documentary’s release, India moved swiftly to ban not just the documentary but BBC entirely raising questions related to freedom of speech and the level of accountability Indian leaders are willing to uphold.

Overall the political trend in India is worrying, as the situation has evolved from simple anti-Muslim speeches by Indian political leaders to outright massacres, home grabbing and making Muslims stateless in their own generational lands. If allowed to continue then the “World’s largest democracy” will only tilt steeper towards fascism in the coming years and India will either succeed in its genocide of Muslims/Sikhs and lower-class Hindus or the country of over a billion will fall into extreme instability and unrest, more than likely it will be the latter. As the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same, this is the ultimate fate of all fascist states.




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