Disclaimer: This article discuses T-80UD MBT of Pakistan Army Armor Corps & all its basic features including armor, armaments & engine

T-80UD tank MBT was initially known as T-80U tank during its development in Ukraine. T80UD is fitted with conventional Diesel Engine.

T-80UD’s production started in 1987 and in 1990s a deal of 320 T-80UD Tank was signed between Pakistan and Ukraine. All 320 tanks were delivered to Pakistan in 2002.

T-80UD tank is equipped with modern equipment’s and has a high capability of first round hit. The gunner and the commander can both lay and fire the armaments of tank.

Basic Features of T-80UD MBT of Pakistan Army

Crew: 3
Max Speed: 70 km/h
Operational range: 540 km
Power/weight: 26 HP/ton
Fuel capacity: 1300 L
Mass: 46 tonnes
Length: 23 ft 3 in
Width: 12 ft 5 in
Height: 7 ft 3 in


The T-80UD is powered with model 6TD-1 6-cylinder Diesel Engine of 1,000 HP. This engine is cost effective and consumes less fuel which makes the tank travel longer distances. Two long range fuel tanks can also be mounted at the back of hull.


T-80UD is protected by composite armor with ERA (explosive reactive armor) blocks.it is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression.


T-80UD is armed with 125mm gun, which is fully stabilized and smooth bore, also the system of carousel auto-loader is placed in this tank. Tank can fire 9M119 Refleks (AT-11 Sniper) laser-guided anti-tank missiles. these missiles have a max range is of 5 km which can also act against a low flying Helicopter. The total capacity is of 45 rounds and 28 rounds are stored in the auto-loader. Armor penetration at the range of 2000m is about 590-630 mm. Tank also has 7.62mm machine gun and 12.7mm Anti-aircraft gun which is remotely controlled.




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