As Pakistan army prepares to induct 300+ VT-4 Main Battle Tanks, it is important to be aware regarding a few of its characteristics that will make them the most capable tanks in Pakistan’s arsenal

1500 HP Engine: As per special requirements stated by Pakistan ministry of defense, Pakistani VT-4 comes fitted with a powerful 1500 horsepower engine instead of the 1300 Hp engine on standard VT-4 models. This gives the Pakistani version great maneuverability, speed and increases operational range.

FY-4 ERA: Another special requirement set by the ministry of defense on account for more protection is the newer ERA model that Pakistani VT-4 comes fitted with, the FY-4. Unlike the standard FY-II, the Pakistani VT-4 offers superior and greater protection against multiple types of threats such as APFSDS, HEAT, tandem AT projectiles etc.

Commanders Thermal Sight: The VT-4 solves a big issue that plagued the Al-Khalid by allocating a separate thermal sight for the commander as opposed to on the Al-Khalid where the commander has to borrow the gunners thermal sight for spotting targets. Due to this the Commander can freely scan the area while the gunner works uninterrupted increasing over all fighting efficiency.

Remote Weapon Station: The VT-4 comes equipped with a roof mounted remote weapon station armed with a 12.7mm machine gun. This means that the commander can freely and accurately use the MG against low flying aerial targets and soft ground targets without being exposed to any danger.

GL-5 APS: Sources state that the VT-4 comes equipped with a GL-5 active protection system, however the hard kill component is yet to be seen on a public VT-4 image. This could mean that VT-4 comes equipped with the sensor and detection components of GL-5 which would help increase the tanks threat awareness and better integrate soft kill defenses.







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