Who was Ripudaman Singh Malik?

Ripudaman Singh Malik was a Sikh activist and a businessman who lived in Canada. He was against the Hindutva atrocities on Sikhs in Indian. Recently the anti-Sikh radicalization has been increased in Canada. Indian Hindutva terror groups under the leadership of BJP/RSS government are committing atrocities on the Muslims and Sikhs who demand their rights. Ripudaman Singh Malik is a Sikh who fall a prey to Hindutva.

Air India Bombing 1985

The Air India bombing of 1985 is among the worst terrorist attacks in Canadian history. The Air India flight 182, on June 23, 1985. The flight was carrying 329 people (268 Canadian citizens and 24 Indian citizens). It flew from Toronto and stopped in Montreal from where it was en-route to London and then to Bombay. When aircraft was in the air above the Atlantic Ocean (31000 feet above), a suitcase bomb exploded in the front cargo which killed all the people on board the plane.  The remnants of the aircraft fell into the ocean approximately 190 kilometers off the coast of Ireland.

Air India Bombing 1985
Air India Bombing 1985

The attack was a part of larger terrorist activities and it included two attempted airplane bombings.  The bombs were hidden inside the luggage. The first bomb was to explode in Air India Flight 301, which was scheduled to take-off from Japan’s Narita International Airport. But the bomb exploded before the cargo was loaded in the plane. Two baggage handlers were killed due to bomb explosion in the airport. The second bomb was to explode in Air India flight 182 (in Canada), which was successful.

The bombings were believed to have been carried out by Canadian-based Sikhs in retaliation for India’s deadly massacre of the Sikhs by Hindus and the 1984 storming of the Golden Temple and the holiest shrine in the Sikh religion.

After investigation many persons were arrested. Only person that was convicted was a dual British-Canadian national and a member of the ISYF Inderjit Singh Reyat. He was later sentenced to fifteen years in prison for assembling the bombs that exploded on Air India flight 182 in Canada and Japan’s Narita International Airport.

Killing of Ripudaman Singh Malik

On 14th July, In Surrey (British Columbia), a 75-year-old Canadian Sikh, Ripudaman Singh Malik was shot dead in his car. Police found a burnt-out car near the location. Ripudaman Singh Malik denied his involvement in the terrorist attack. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) have released footage on Friday of a White Honda CRV, the vehicle is believed to have been used by the person(s) who killed Ripudaman Singh Malik. The vehicle was parked around 7a.m and waited there for more than an hour. Police said that the SUV waited for Malik on Thursday outside his family business, Papillon Eastern Imports.

Ripudaman Singh Malik
Ripudaman Singh Malik

Who killed Ripudaman Singh ?

It is speculated by some sources that Indian intelligence agencies are involved in the killing of Ripudaman Singh Malik. He was a Sikh activist and demanded their rights all his life. He was also one of the persons who were accused of being a part in the bombing of Air India Flight 182. Ripudaman Singh Malik was arrested by police but was later released in 2005. Police were accused of having bungled the investigation. Following a two-year trial, he and his co-accused Ajaib Singh Bagri were acquitted of mass murder and conspiracy charges related to the two bombings.

  • ISYF: International Sikh Youth Federation



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