Note: This article features POF Eye, Corner Shot gun indigenously developed & designed by POF, Wah.

POF Eye is a purpose-built weapon primarily designed for use in hostile situations such as hostage rescue and anti-terror operations by SSG in houses and buildings. Like Corner Shot in many aspects, POF Eye is a modern life saving weapon which enables a solider to investigate a compound or room without exposing himself thus giving no chance to the target to counter him. In this article, we will discuss this weapon in detail.


Its development started back in year 2008 when terrorism was spreading and anti-terror operations in compounds were difficult to manage by local Law Enforcement Agencies and special commandos were in need for such weapon to neutralize the militant. It took 6 months to develop.
“The system, specially designed for urban combat, anti-terrorist operations and police SWAT operations, was developed by Pakistan Ordnance Factories
Chairman of the POF board, Lt. Gen. Syed Sabahat Husain, told the visiting delegates at IDEAS 2008.


This gun was made from metal unlike Corner Shot’s plastic body, to increase its service life and durability. It has stock somewhat like Galil and lower body is based upon HK MP-5.

** Note: “It’s more about owing a technology no matter from where and how!” **


POF Eye’s head consisting of Laser, Torch Light, High Resolution Small Camera and Shooting Weapon can turn around 75 degrees in either direction around its axis, thus providing details of the surroundings to the operator. It has a small display screen on its left sight with aim sight to provide precision. The POF Eye package has image downloading and transmission capability so that the enemy can be located, and information shared with other troops to enable the commandos to take the best positions to engage the targets.

At IDEAS 2016, the POF Eye package upgrade was fitted with an IR camera with an effective range of 20m. The video recorded by the camera can be transmitted on the on a monocular screen fitted on the helmet. At the same time all the video information can be send by data link at a maximum range of 400 m. The video is also displayed on large color screen fitted at the back of the soldier allowing all the assault team to see the combat situation.


The POF Eye is available in several variants. It can be mounted with

1. A standard 9 mm semi-automatic pistol (Glock 9).

2. A Sub-Machine Gun.

3.  A Grenade Launcher.

POF Eye’s new apparatus comprises battery pack worn by operator on its chest, which enables the gun’s use for a longer period. Showing the capabilities of our small arms industry, POF Eye is a state-of-the-art weapon which is a need of modern force to operate in hostile urban areas. This gun provides a modern way to get situational awareness of the operation by visuals directly coming from the target without being self-exposed. This weapon not only saves the life of solider, but also in case of hostage, there is low to zero chance of getting him hit.




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