Note: This article features POF’s AZB DMR MK-1 semi-automatic hybrid sniper cum service rifle of Pakistan Army.

With the changing nature of low intensity operation, a strong need exists for a light weight, accurate and semi-automatic hybrid sniper cum service rifle. Accordingly, a Designated Marksman’s Rifle (DMR) concept emerged. The POF DMR MK-1 meets the laid down conceptual requirements. It is manufactured from standard G3 parts and requires little deviation for manufacturing, maintenance, and training. It can quickly and effectively engage fleeting multiple targets at range up to 600 m.

Technical Data of AZB DMR MK-1

Caliber: 7.62 x 51 mm (NATO)

Operation: Roller Locked Delayed Blow Back

Magazine: 5/20 rounds Capacity

Length of Weapon: 1055 mm

Length of Barrel: 508 mm (4 Groove Rt. Hand Std.)

Weight (Empty Magazine): 4.94 Kg

Effective Range: 600 Meter

Accuracy: 2 M0A at 100 Meter

Butt Stock: Plastic Fixed Butt Stock

Special Features

All parts are compatible and interchangeable with POF made G3A3 Rifle.




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