Ukraine’s Malyshev State Enterprise has begun modernization of Pakistan’s T-80UD tanks.

The contract between Ukrspetsexport and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was signed in February at the IDEX-2021 International Arms Exhibition for a $85.6 million.

The upgradation process will include a new engine, transmission, and chassis as well as upgrades for the armour/protection and digital systems as well for Pakistan’s T-80UD fleet of around 320 main battle tanks which forms 12% of Pakistan’s total tank numbers.

Pakistan’s T-80UD tanks could be upgraded to the standards of the T-84 ‘Oplot-M’ MBT, a much-improved variant of the T-84 (which in turn is an improved version of the T-80), featuring a larger turret mounting sophisticated sensors and, among other things, a panoramic thermal-imaging system.

In November 2016, Pakistan’s Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) and Ukraine’s Ukrspecexport signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) covering prospective agreements with an approximately total worth of $600 million entered on the modernization of Pakistan’s tank capabilities.

Author: Muhammad Arslan



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