As per sources Pakistan evaluated three MBTs. Those Three are as follows:

  1. T-90MS (Rejected by PA)
  2. T-84 Oplot-M & Oplot-P (First Pakistan Evaluated Oplot-M & rejected it “Main issues were Weight, Fire Power & Fire Control System” then Ukraine customized it according to Pakistan’s needs that variant is known as Oplot-P. It also got rejected due to multiple reasons, but the main reason was the delivery on time since Ukraine has this issue with on time delivery. Pakistan also observed the Thailand case in which Ukraine failed to deliver T-84 on time).
  3. VT-4 (Selected After Extensive Tests Evaluations.)

Pakistan’s Army VT-4 Deal with China

Pakistan will be acquiring 300 VT-4 from Norinco China 🇨🇳. The delivery will be done in 2 stages/Phases.

  1. a) Phase 1: 176 VT-4 MBT.
  2. b) Phase 2: 124 VT-4 MBT.

Sources confirm that Pakistan’s VT-4 version will be the most capable version compared to Thailand’s & Nigerian Versions. The distinguished features are as follows:

  1. Pakistan’s VT-4s will be equipped with 1500 HP Engine rather than standard 1300 HP Engine. Since Pakistan showed reservations with 1300 HP Engine during Evaluation.
  2. The Explosive Reactive Armor or ERA on Pakistan’s VT-4s will be “FY-4”. The Standard Version VT-4s has “FY-2”. FY-4 ERA is licensed version of “Relikt ERA”. For the matter of fact Relikt is world’s most capable & advanced ERA.
  3. Pakistan’s VT-4s will have better mobility (More powerful Engine 1500 HP). Fire Power, Fire Control System & Optronics of Pakistan’s VT-4s are believed to be superior than all other existing variants.

Important Note: “Currently this is all the information we were able to gather regarding VT-4 MBT. As soon as we gather further data, we will write a complete Article on Pakistani VT-4 MBTs”.




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