Pakistan Army Aviation Corps is the aviation corps of the Pakistan Army primarily tasked with providing close aerial combat support and aerial logistics for the Pakistan Army. Army Aviation provides mainly four types of aviation support during operations of the field Army, namely composite or light aircraft support, cargo, combat, and high-altitude support. Composite support is always available, however, availability of cargo and combat support subjects to Army’s overall plans.

Light Aircraft Support

Composite squadron integral to each corps comprises single engine fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Tasks are as follows

* Command and liaison.
* Conduct Artillery shoots as authorized observers.
* Act as Airborne Forward Air Controller (FAC).
* Battlefield surveillance.
* Reconnaissance.
* Casualty evacuation.

Cargo Aviation Support

The Cargo Aviation Support comprises cargo helicopters mainly the Pumas and MI-17s. The cargo aviation support includes the following roles

* Shifting of troops.
* Shifting Heavy weapons and equipment.
* Heliborne and anti-heliborne operations.
* Support to Aviation Combat Group.
* Refueling Point.
* Electronic Warfare Operations.
* Specialized trans frontier operations to include raids, ambushes etc.

Combat Aviation Support

The Combat Aviation Support comprises the combination of Attack helicopters the Cobras, Mil Mi-35Ms and Scout helicopters (Jet Rangers) grouped into combat flights in a Combat Squadron. The two combat squadrons form part of Aviation Combat Group.

* Close infantry support.
* Battlefield combat operations.
* Nighttime combat operations.
* Anti-armor support.

High Altitude Support

The High-Altitude Support comprises of Puma, MI-17 and Lama helicopters operating in high altitude areas around 5000-6000 meters or above. Its roles are

* Dumping.
* Shifting of guns/engineer equipment/ radars etc.
* Shifting of troops.
* Recce.
* Casualty evacuation.
* Command and liaison.




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