Ukraine Russian war is now more than 100 days old and nowhere near to end. This war has shattered many myths, created new war strategies, given boost to some new technologies and raised questions on weapon systems which were considered crucial for any conflict over past 70 years. In short there are some major lessons to be learnt from this war and I would tell about some which in my opinion are extremely important lessons which we have learnt from this brutal war.

Well-equipped infantry is need of the hour and size still matters

First lesson which is crucial to be learnt from this war is that your infantry is still key to winning wars. A well-equipped soldier from that what I mean is a soldier equipped with good assault rifle, better scopes, night vision and thermal sights, not to forget helmet and bulletproof wests and last but not the least light weight anti-tank weapons are key to holding your area and even advancing into enemy territory. You need soldiers who have latest gear plus weapons like Carl Gustaf and Javelin. With these weapons they can hold their ground and even can take the war to their enemy if they are in enough size. Ukraine due to these factors have managed to hold its ground but due to not having enough soldiers it’s now loosing territory to Russia in eastern Ukraine. Therefore, a modern infantry with latest gear in addition to light anti-tank weapons in good numbers can not only defend their own area but can take the war to enemy territory.

Drones and Fighter Jets in massive numbers are key to victory

It was quite clear from Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict in 2020 that drones like TB 2 Bayraktar and kamikaze drones will play crucial role in future conflicts. This has been further proved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Drones like TB 2 Bayraktar and Akinci, Aksungur and all other big and small plus kamikaze drones will help you take out your enemy troops, vehicles, air defense and all other key locations. Drones will be key to your victory but still Air Force and fighter jets can’t be forgotten. Russian Air Force due to its sheer size even after facing dozens of losses in first 100 days is making a comeback and as Ukraine always lacked numbers it’s now taking a hit. Country like Pakistan should always have an Air Force equipped with at least 400 in fact far more fighter jets. Plus latest radars both AWACS and Ground based.

Air Defense systems are overrated

Although despite several videos showing Russian fighter jets and helicopters getting shot down by Stinger missiles. It’s quite evident that bigger systems like S-400, Tor, Buk MK 3, Pantsir, S 300 and other such systems have serious limitations and can’t be depended on that much. For both sides in this conflict they have failed badly to do the job they were meant to do and you can easily go over them without getting shot down.

Cruise and Ballistic Missiles are need of the hour

Last lesson to be learnt from this conflict is that cruise and ballistic missiles are essential for your victory. For both sides one thing which is really working are cruise missiles and if they have really long range and can hit targets with great accuracy they would help you a lot in neutralizing your enemy and obliterating key strategic locations of your enemy and even sink ships. Pakistan needs to invest and develop really long-range cruise missiles which can be fired from Land, Air, Sea and subsurface.


Every war gives you great lessons and precautionary advice. Only thing which now matters is are you ready to learn and adopt those new tactics or not. For those responsible for defending Pakistan, it’s essential that they keep close eye on this conflict and learn the lessons from it.

Author: Zarvan Ali



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