1947 was an historic year, as the weakened British empire licked its wounds after a second global war, the people of South Asia increased their efforts in securing freedom. Relenting to pressure the English had promised freedom to all, yet it seems that freedom is not simply received rather must be taken.  This is the reality Kashmir had to face as the promises of freedom were stolen when the collective wishes of Kashmiris to linkup with Pakistan were sidelined in favor of a Hindu Mahraja who sold out Kashmir to the Union of India. It was simply another occupation where one Imperialist state was replaced with a fascist one. Remembering this Kashmiris on both sides of the LOC will again observe accession day this week on 19th July in form of gatherings and functions, as this was the day in 1947 when genuine representatives of the Kashmiris unanimously passed the resolution of Kashmir’s Accession to Pakistan during a meeting of the All–Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference at the residence of Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan in Srinagar.

To this day 19th July holds significant historic importance to Kashmiris as it demonstrates the collective will towards exercising the right for self-determination and opposing foreign occupation by a hostile power. Kashmiris continue to observe Accession to Pakistan day as a sign of renewed pledge to continue the struggle for freedom from Indian occupation and demonstrate collective wish for accession of entire Jammu and Kashmir state into Pakistan under the 19 July resolution. This day has become an annual event now where functions and seminars get held in the high-profile areas to draw the world’s attention towards the unresolved Kashmir dispute, which is posing a potential threat to world peace. Of course, this collective determination and acts of resistance does not go unnoticed by the Indian authorities who fear losing grip upon the region and possible retaliation for around 75 years oppression, as a result deplorable tactics have been employed by the Indian state to hold down Kashmiris. These tactics include police brutality, kidnappings, political assassinations, staged skirmish encounters, brutal curfews, and denial of basic human rights. A disturbing example of this is the fact that since August 2019 Indian forces have killed 639 innocent Kashmiris in Extra Judicial murders. What’s more is that the Indian state has plans to wipe away the local Kashmiri culture, customs, and identity by employing an Israeli tactic of sending Indian settlers while bulldozing local Kashmiri homes. This process started after the abolishment of Article 370 which was a blatant negation and unjust replacement for UN-Administered plebiscite by India, all this was followed by an extremely long curfew to block out communication of Kashmiris with the outside world.

Such actions are not unexpected moves from such a fascist state as India, as it has long before ignored UN resolutions which demand freedom for people to vote and choose their future for themselves. Instead of allowing such free elections from taking place India has instead further solidified its presence by making Kashmir the most militarized zone in the world. It would be not an over exaggeration to say that India has by now become a textbook example of oppressive fascist state having committed every human right violation and ignoring international peaceful resolution attempts. All this while India attempts to gain global recognition, an example of this being the Indian plan to hold a G20 event in India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK).

Regardless of what ever plans the Indian regime plots, the determination of Kashmiris and Pakistanis who support their brothers/sisters remains strong. Even now Indian occupation forces are trapped in an armed struggled against determined Kashmiri freedom fighters who strive for freedom. It is a failure of the Indian state to contain the drive for freedom and for the foreseeable future the resistance will remain. And while Kashmiris struggle for their independence within occupied land Pakistan will continue to deter India on in its own capacity both diplomatically and directly. It is a grave error for Indians who believe Pakistan’s temporary issues within internal politics have any effect upon the collective wish for Kashmiri independence. As long as Pakistan remains Kashmir will never be allowed to fall under a Hinduva supremist Government and a day will come when justice gets delivered as gates to freedom open for every Kashmiri. To reach this goal all must contribute to whatever capacity possible, as such is fate and duty of every Pakistani since we ourselves gained independence on that fateful year of 1947.




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